Flag of Guatemala

The Guatemalan flag is a vertical bicolour with in the center an enblem. The used colors in the flag are blue, white. The proportion of the Guatemalan flag is 5:8. The Flag of Guatemala was adopted in 1871. The first use of the current flag design was in 1868. The last change to the current Guatemalan flag design was in 1968.

Flag of Guatemala

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Flag proportion

Ratio 5:8


  • First flag usage: 1868
  • Adoption current flag: 1871
  • Last change flag: 1968

Flag colors


About Guatemala


15 460 732


42 042 sq mi
108 889 km2

Population density

368 sq mi
142 km2

Country information

Country: Guatemala
Continent: North America
Official languages: Spanish
Capital: Guatemala-City
Government: Unitary presidential republic
Border length: 1 048 miles / 1 687 km
Neighbouring countries
Belize: 165 miles 266 km
El Salvador: 126 miles 203 km
Honduras: 159 miles 256 km
Mexico: 598 miles 962 km

The Guatemalan flag is the flag of the country named Guatemala. Guatemala is located in continental North America. Guatemala has 4 neighbouring countries. The total length of land borders of Guatemala is 1 048 mi/ 1 687 km. Guatemala border neighbours and border lengths are: Belize: 266 km, El Salvador: 203 km, Honduras: 256 km, Mexico: 962 km.

15 460 732 people are living in Guatemala, a country stretching over 42 042 sq mi/ 108 889 km² (1.59% water). The population density in Guatemala is of 368 per sq mi/ 142 people per km². The official language of Guatemala is Spanish. The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala-Stadt. Guatemala is a Unitary presidential republic.

The currency in Guatemala is the Guatemalan quetzal Q (GTQ). UTC (standard time) in Guatemala is UTC-06:00 and UTC-06:00 in summer. Guatemala has the unique two-letter country code, GT (also Internet top-level domain), its three-letter country code is GTM, and its three-digit country code is 320. The calling code for Guatemala is +52.




Guatemalan quetzal Q (GTQ)


CET: UTC-06:00
CEST: UTC-06:00


Internet TLD: GT
Three-letter country code: GTM
Three-digit country code: 320
Calling code: +52