Flag of the Arab League

The Arab League flag is a green flag with the emblem of the Arab League on it in white. The colors used in the flag are green and white. The size of the Arab League flag is not known.

Flag of the Arab League

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About The Arab League


346 563 107


5 148 014 sq mi
13 333 296 km2

Population density

67 sq mi
26 km2

Country information

Country: The Arab League
Continent: Asia & Africa
Official languages: Arabisch
Capital: Cairo
Border length: 0 miles / 0 km
Neighbouring countries: None

The Arab League flag is the flag of the Arab League. Arab League is located in the continents of Africa and Asia.

346 563 107 people live in the Arab League, and has an area of 13 333 296 km². The population density in the Arab League is 26 inhabitants per km². The most widely used language in the Arab League is Arabic. The administrative center of the Arab League is located in Cairo. Arab League has a total of 22 member states.

The Arab League has 21 currencies. UTC (default time) in the League of Arabic is UTC+00:00 to UTC+04:00 and UTC+00:01 to UTC+05:00 in summer. 


0% water



CET: UTC+00:00 t/m UTC+04:00
CEST: UTC+01:00 t/m UTC+05:00


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Calling code: